Exclusive Opportunity for Distributors

Experienced distributors in the field of OBS/GYNAE currently have the opportunity to partner with the world's leading supplier of Water Birth Pools. The UK-based manufacturer helped pioneer the use of water for labour and birth by designing the water birth pools that made this revolution in maternity care possible.


1 Mar 2023
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Over the past 36 years, they have supplied thousands of water birth pools to maternity units around the world, and helped millions of women have better births. The combination of evidence based, user-centred, ergonomic design, specialised materials and bespoke manufacturing result in water birth pools that are in a class of their own.

They have achieved global success by continuously innovating, keeping things simple and focusing on their core principles of safety, value and performance. The company's unique understanding and long term dedication to serving the needs of mothers and midwives makes them uniquely qualified to be of service.

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